Wushu/Wing Chun Evaluation Sign up

Wushu Evaluations take place on the last weekend of every month. To register for evaluations follow these steps.

1. Got to  wushucanada.uplifterinc.com. Login and click on the “Wushu Evaluation Sign-up”.
2. The “Evaluation Sign Up page” will load.  Scroll down and find the “Click here to register” button under “Wushu Athlete Evaluations” or “Wing Chun Athlete Evaluations” column. Click  the appropriate button.
3. The Event registration page will load with various evaluation levels and locations. Click the “REGISTER” button according to your level and location.
4. A pop up menu will load asking “Which member/participant is to be enrolled in this event?” Choose the Member/Participant and click “ADD” button. The event will be added to your shopping cart.
5. If you have another another participant then repeat step 3 and 4.
6. Click the button for your “Shopping Cart” on the upper right corner.
5. You will be brought to your “Your Cart” screen.
6. Click the “CONTACT INFORMATION” button.
7. Click the “CONFIRM” button to complete the registration.

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