October Evaluation Results

Congratulations to all our students in the October evaluation!

Results from Mississauga:

Achieved yellow belt:  Lyla Malik, Artem Strunnikov
Achieved colour belt: Gabbi Lam
Achieved red belt: David Ocol
Completing various achievements:  Kaden Malik, Janna Ojah-Maharaj, Zia, Ojah-Maharaj, Brenden Chan, Jeffrey Wang, Johnny Zhang, Olivia Warda, Ilyas Stroubakis, Eden Cheung, Richard Ly, Zaynab Stroubakis, Robert Ly, Damon Lam, Mikka Bea, Jillian Nguyen, Kayla Nguyen

Results from Scarborough:
Achieved yellow belt: Kayden Liao, Alexander Phen,
Achieved colored belt: Hadi Ftouni
Achieved red belt: Noah Devera
Completing various achievements: Yara Abou El Hassan, Amir Abou El Hassan, Brandon Ho, Tiffany Ho, Emily Ho, Langdon Louie, Alina Lin, Silas Kim, Addison Anastasiou, Brooklyn Kim, Martin Zhou, Jacob Zhou, Fadel Fahs, Lynn Fahs, Victor Tan, David Chen, Alexander Yuyitang, Cabot Yuyitang

Results from Markham:
Achieved yellow belt: Marcus Chiu, Carly Zhou
Completing various achievements: Keira Lem, Kyle Leung, Ashley Leung, Vincent Lin, Emma Chung, Tommy Feng, Evan Chung, Ethan Soong

Good Job everyone. Only one more evaluation before the end of the year. See you then.

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