August Evaluation Results

Congratulations to all our students for their hard work at this month’s evaluation!

Results from Mississauga:

Achieved yellow belt:  Eden Cheung, Richard Ly
Achieved colored belt: Brandon Nguyen, Kayla Nguyen, Jillian Nguyen
Completing various achievements:  Nathanael Tsoi, Caleb Tsoi, Justice Luk. David Ocol

Results from Scarborough:
Achieved yellow belt: Hadi Ftouni, Fadel Fahs, Lynn Fahs,
Achieved colored belt: Ethan Ren Ye Chung
Achieved red belt: Alina Lin
Completing various achievements:   Sofia Wong, Steven Wong, Celedonia Siziba, Kayden Lioa, Jackie Lin, Alexander Phen. Yara Abou El Hassan, Amir Abou El Hassan, Jacob Zhou, Jia Ying Chau, Mei Ying Chau, Brandon Ho, Tiffany Ho, Emily Ho

Results from Markham:
Achieved yellow belt: Trinity Chung, Ashley Leung
Achieved colored belt: Isaac Zeng
Completing various achievements: Ethan Lem, Keira Lem, Izabel Bird, Raya Kendall, Paya Bazargani, Jonothan Lin, Matthew Soong

Great Job! Looking forward to seeing every do their best on the next Evaluation in October!


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