July Evaluation Results

Bravo to all the students for their hard work to practice for this month’s evaluation!

Congratulations to the following students from Mississauga:

Achieved yellow belt:  Parum Patel and Amelia Raczka
Achieved colored belt: Ethan Mabini
Completing various achievements:  Lyla Malik, Richard Ly, Amina Khan, Ayesha Khan, Darren Zhuang, Jullian Nguyen, Kayla Nguyen, Brandon Nguyen, and Artem Strunnikov

Congratulations to the following students from Scarborough:
Achieved yellow belt: Veronica Kwan, Jackie Lin, Louie Langdon, and Kathir Selvakumar
Achieved colored belt: Yara Abouelhassan and Amir Abouelhassan
Completing various achievements:   Liu Li, Shahab Khokhar, Jacob Zhou, Luke Wong, Brandon Ho, Tiffany Ho, Emily Ho, Noah Devera, Victor Tan, Fadel Fahs, Lynn Fahs, Hadi Fahs

Congratulations to the following students from Markham:
Completing various achievements:   Marcus Chui, Ashley Leung, Kyle Leung, Justin Hung, Jonathan Lin

Well done and we look forward to seeing your next form!

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